How does one get training in the ultrasound field? I am a biomedical technician but have been permanently laid off from a hospital. I would be interested in working for a manufacturer but need the training. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am sorry to hear about your difficulties, but as a veteran biomedical technician you have some of the prerequisites for working in imaging ultrasound already. There are a few ways to acquire the training you’re looking for.

If you have no exposure to imaging ultrasound you will want to start with a solid course in ultrasound basics. I would encourage you to review course offerings thoroughly prior to enrolling. Beyond that, you will want to consider what equipment is dominant in you geographical area. Areas may be heavily GE, Siemens, or perhaps Philips, and you will want to attend training that includes this equipment.

There are ISOs that provide quality training, Conquest Imaging being one. For reference you may wish to review what I teach at

Another source of training may be local junior colleges and in some cases private colleges such as DeVry. The courses at these institutions tend to be directed mostly toward the biomedical technician but have been adding imaging modalities including ultrasound.

Connecting with your local biomedical societies can also help. We work extensively with the California Medical Instrumentation Association ( and it offers its membership training scholarships and a job page that posts hospital, ISO, and manufacturer job openings. Best of luck.

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