I have a Sequoia system, SW version 9.51, that off and on locks up when the techs go to power it off. This causes them to use the reset button. What causes this and what can I do to alleviate this symptom?

If your system displays the gray shutdown caution window and hangs there, the symptom may be the result of software corruption, possibly a faulty hard drive. Ensure you have at least one good backup, hard copies of network configurations, license keys, etc. Be sure to advise your client that they will lose patients that are on the drive. They may want to transfer them to an MO disk prior to proceeding.

Remove your questionable drive and replace it with a “like for like” drive, checking that all the switches and jumpers are in the correct position. Then, I would reload software on the new drive, reload your backup, and check to be sure your configurations and setups are all correct. That should resolve the shut down issue.

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