Marcus C. Harris, CBET, and VP of the Indiana Biomedical Society (IBS) has taken a step to further strengthen the clinical/biomedical community by creating a new Web site, (BC), to connect biomed associations. In addition, it also has a Twitter account (@BiomedChatter), created to help promote and relay information about the health care technology management profession and the Web site.

We asked Marcus a few questions about the new sites:
24×7: What is your goal and what sort of information do you plan on sharing?
Marcus: The goal of is to be a resource for biomedical societies. The function allows group collaborations for sharing information and resources that I hope will help promote and grow our profession. I feel that the ability to reach out and connect with others enhances the individual’s ability to grow. This is evident in efforts made by CABMET over the years offering Web-based study groups for the ICC CBET, CRES, and CLES examinations. provides the platform for transparency among groups. I, just like many of our 150 members and 30 student associates, have never been to a biomed conference or a symposium outside of the state of Indiana. As a board member of the IBS I strive to bring the best conference each year to our members. In past years, we have had the luxury of active members of the biomed community, Kelly VanDeWalker, Phil Diehl, and Karen Waninger who have provided insight into the new trends taking place across the country. In the information technology age, ideas can be relayed instantly, and hopefully BC can be the preferred platform.

24×7: And you have the social media aspect too.
Marcus: The idea to utilize Twitter as a resource came from positive results from the IBS’ Twitter account (@IBS_INBiomed).

24×7: How would you like to see the profession participate?
Marcus: On the official launch date (1/2/2012), e-mails were sent to a majority of society leaders across the country highlighting the availability and functionality of the Web site. I hope to see members from all over use as a primary resource of social industry collaboration and engagement. We have BC blogs for the opinionated individuals, like me; BC forums; and BC chat for all biomeds to share their experiences, as well as groups to discuss topics and subjects with people of similar interest.

Also, I feel there should be a big push to encourage students and new members of the profession to participate, network, and “Join the Chatter.”

24×7: Do you see this filling a void?
Marcus: Biomed Chatter does fill a void. There have been many attempts to use social networks such as MySpace or Facebook to connect members. Often times, members are resistant to the idea of mixing their public lives and private lives or there are taboos and stigmas that come with the usage of those social sites. Biomed Chatter is a social network for biomeds by biomeds. It utilizes new technologies, not listservs, on the backbone of a user-friendly platform used by many across the world.

We wish Marcus the best in the new endeavor. Check out Biomed Chatter and let us know what you think.