I have an ultrasound probe type C3140/3.5 Mhz that has wires exposed at the connection of the head. I checked it, but could not find anything wrong with it and just pushed the insulation in again. The staff has been complaining about not having a clear picture. Could this be related?

Loss of the bond between the strain relief and cable at the head end of the probe can result in the failure of multiple internal micro-coax cables. There may be no apparent external physical damage, but it definitely could allow for an increase in the susceptibility of the system to outside noise sources and the reduction in the quality of your images. This probe will likely need to be replaced.

In the meantime, using an electrical RTV to renew the cable to strain relief bond will help to minimize any additional micro-coax failures. Carefully clean the inside of the strain relief and the mating surface on the cable using a cleaner that will remove debris and not leave a residue. A good quality alcohol would do. Let it dry thoroughly. Apply enough electrical grade RTV on the first 1 to 1.5 mms of the cable jacket to be inserted. Carefully press the cable into the strain relief and set aside to cure, per the instructions supplied with the RTV. This will not restore the probe but it will help prevent additional cable failure while keeping gel and other debris out of the probe head.

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