In five years, Kaleida Health’s Stroke Care Center (SCC) at the Gates Vascular Institute in Buffalo, N.Y., realized more than $5.4 million in cost savings by using the Aquilion ONE CT system from Toshiba Medical, Tustin, Calif., to diagnose acute stroke. A multiyear study showed dramatic improvements in patient outcomes across a variety of resource-intensive ICD-9-CM codes, with an up-to-a-full-day reduction in patient length of stay and better discharge dispositions.

Over a five-year span, the neurological and stroke care center quantified the benefits of changing its clinical pathway and leveraging Aquilion ONE technology in stroke diagnosis through a non-controlled study, evaluating imaging procedures, inpatient length of stay, and discharge disposition. The study compared inpatient data sets from July to September 2007, prior to the Aquilion ONE installation, with data sets from July to September 2009 (phase one), July to September 2010 (phase two), and July to September 2011 ,and July to September 2012 (phase three), which utilized the Aquilion ONE and addressed the top three discharging ICD-9-CM codes.

During this time period, the SCC also made significant shifts in other aspects of patient care, further contributing to improved clinical outcomes. Following the relocation of the SCC from Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital to the Gates Vascular Institute, the facility consolidated its vascular services and repositioned its Aquilion ONE CT systems adjacent to areas of high need: the emergency department and the catheterization lab.

“This setup enables us to get patients from the door of the ER to CT imaging, and to the CTA or perfusion exams they may need, within 10 minutes,” says Nelson Hopkins, MD, SUNY distinguished professor of neurosurgery and radiology, and founder of the Gates Vascular Institute and the Jacobs Institute. “We are also the only stroke care center in the world with all of our vascular disciplines located on the same floor, which has created new synergies between clinicians and significantly improved our workflow. And by having all of our specialists in one building and standardizing all of our imaging equipment to Toshiba Medical systems, we can address virtually any patient need immediately and effectively.” Greitos paskolos verslui palankiausiomis sąlygomis

“Our long-standing partnership with the SCC at the Gates Vascular Institute demonstrates that with advanced imaging technology and the right multidisciplinary approach, providers can significantly improve patient outcomes and reduce overall healthcare costs,” says Tom Szostak, director of healthcare economics at Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. “Toshiba Medical is proud to be a collaborative partner in helping our customers meet their business needs and the needs of their unique patient populations. Together, we can deliver high-quality care to more patients.”