SonoDepot will showcase Alpinion Medical Systems’ line of ultrasound systems at the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI’s) 2016 conference in Tampa, Fla, which will take place June 3–6. One product on display is the E-Cube i7 portable ultrasound system, which recently won the 2016 International Forum Design award, in addition to obtaining FDA clearance.

Key features of the E-Cube i7 include a blood-, fluid-, and dust-resistant keyboard, which contains a sliding cover. Clinicians suffering from wrist pain due to prolonged scanning time also benefit from the portable system since it offers arm and wrist support. And when the sliding cover is closed, the space can be utilized as a wrist rest. E-Cube i7 also offers a variety of transducers for applications including anesthesiology, pain management, orthopedic/musculoskeletal imaging, emergency medicine, and point of care.

SonoDepot will also display the E-Cube 15 EX at the AAMI conference. Offering specialized transducers for general imaging, women’s health, and cardiology, the E-Cube 15 EX was also developed for vascular imaging, as well as small body parts and musculoskeletal exams. Advanced 3D/4D image quality is achieved by combining Alpinion’s Live HQ—which enhances diagnostic confirmation of morphological examinations via illumination—with anatomical realism, a moveable light source, and Alpinion’s single-crystal acoustic technology.

This product also offers real-time scanning and customization options, in addition to application-focused exam presents. And the E-Cube 15 EX’s transducer technology reduces exam time while highlighting anatomical structures and fetal shapes. The system is particularly valuable in obstetrical and gynecological exams, with its endovaginal transducers offering a maximum field of view of 230 degrees.

For more information about these devices, visit SonoDepot, the exclusive sales and service provider for the Alpinion ultrasound product line.