Analogic_bk3500-580x500Analogic Corp is introducing its bk3500 ultrasound system at this week’s American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine annual meeting, held in New York. In addition to offering integrated IT functionality, the bk3500 system features a hybrid control panel with an icon-driven touchscreen. And clinicians can easily move the system around the hospital or imaging center, thanks to the scanner’s fast boot-up time and integrated battery. Plus, an integrated barcode reader expedites the entry of patient information at the bedside—a major boon in a critical care environment.

The bk3500 system also features bkHub software, which helps streamline workflow in the emergency department and reduce the time, costs, and paperwork associated with managing an ultrasound practice. Such software directly complies with American College of Emergency Physicians credentialing, quality assurance, and training standards.

What’s more, the bk3500 offers a comprehensive selection of up to four simultaneously connected transducers with a Smart button, which allows users to activate the transducer and freeze, print, and store images with the press of a button. This technology reduces the time needed to change transducers and perform essential imaging functions, Analogic officials say.

“Excellent image quality, effortless workflow integration, simplistic user interface, and advanced features such as vector flow imaging, make the bk3500 an excellent choice for the challenging [emergency medicine]/critical care setting,” says Rajesh Geria, MD, FACEP, an emergency medicine physician and clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine at New Brunswick, NJ-based Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

For more information about this system, visit Analogic Corp.