Fujifilm introduced FDR AQRO, a digital radiography (DR) system that uses advanced dose-saving features in detector engineering, in addition to an ultra-lightweight point-of-care mini mobile cart, at this week’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting  in Chicago. The system will be commercially available in the United States once it receives FDA clearance.

With its ability to maximize maneuverability and generate high-resolution images, the FDR AQRO can deliver low patient dose in a variety of point-of-care settings. This DR solution from Fujifilm provides noise reduction circuitry and Virtual Grid image processing software that enables image acquisition without a physical grid—and that reduces dose techniques by as much as 50%.

The system also comes with a Fujifilm-engineered mini generator, a compact tube head incorporated onto an ultra-lightweight durable mini mobile cart. Further, its integrated touchscreen and x-ray control panel articulates and swivels, which translates to easy viewing from various angles. Capable of running up to 12 hours on its lithium batteries or plugged into wall power, FDR AQRO also provides protection against germs with the Fujifilm Hydro AG antibacterial silver ion coating on its primary surfaces.

Also on display at RSNA will be FDR Go mobile, the company’s DR portable x-ray system, which includes updates for 2017. Technologists have recommended FDR Go for its smooth travel throughout the hospital. In addition, the platform integrates with the FDR D-EVO II, FDR D-EVO digital detectors and the full-featured FDX Console workstation that’s designed to make exams easier.

Updates to FDR Go mobile include new workstation software with automated keypad display, quick start, enhanced Virtual Grid as an option, and Dynamic Visualization II3 image processing as an option. It also includes built-in storage for housing wipes, a detector bagging holder slot, a larger 17” display, a “smart wake” from standby, in addition to enhancements to its smart charging functionality.

“Once again, Fujifilm is revolutionizing the ease of access to mobile digital radiography,” says Rob Fabrizio, director of strategic marketing for digital x-ray and women’s health at Fujifilm. “FDR AQRO combines all of Fujifilm’s proven advances in digital radiography into a compact integrated design providing easy access to digital imaging for dedicated, in-department uses such as critical care, [neonatal intensive care units], and private practices.”

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