Toshiba America Medical Systems unveiled the new Vantage Titan 1.5 Tesla (T)/cS edition with M-Power V36 software at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. The new MR system will enable healthcare providers to conduct more efficient and standardized cardiac exams.

With the platform’s Surevoi cardiac anatomy recognition technology, clinicians can automatically determine the position of the heart. In addition, Toshiba’s CardioLine+ application works with Surevoi to detect anatomical landmarks to ensure accurate and reproducible positioning—this enables the alignment of 14 standard cardiac views, and it does so with very little intervention from staff.

Further, physicians can quickly identify tissue diffusivity with the solution’s multi b-value diffusion feature. It also supports multi-echo T2 mapping, which means that clinicians can view T2 map cartilage images—and that helps in diagnosing and deciding on appropriate treatment paths. Optionally, users can avail of Vitrea Extend, a post-processing application.

“The Vantage Titan/cS Edition gives healthcare providers the ability to diversify their MR imaging offerings and reduce their exam times, creating a new opportunity for routine cardiac MR,” says Dominic Smith, senior director of Toshiba’s CT, PET/CT, and MR business units.

He adds: “Toshiba Medical understands the patient experience and business needs of MR, and the Vantage Titan/cS Edition offers customers innovative MR imaging solutions that meet a variety of clinical needs, without compromising patient satisfaction.”

For more information about this offering, visit Toshiba Medical.