Dilon Diagnostics, a Newport News, Va.-based company that designs, manufactures, and commercializes medical imaging solutions, and GE Healthcare jointly announced FDA clearance for the Discovery NM750b biopsy accessory at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), which occurs in Chicago this week. This announcement comes after the two companies signed an exclusive agreement for Dilon to distribute GE’s Discovery NM750b molecular breast imaging (MBI) system in North America.

Built to measure and image the distribution of selected single photon emission radioisotopes in the human body—which helps with lesion evaluation—the platform allows clinicians to image a wide variety of patients, including those with dense breast.

The MBI localization accessory is a complement to the Discovery NM750b breast imaging system, which can locate, in three dimensions, lesions in the breast that derive from stereotactic pairs 2D images. What’s more, clinicians can use the solution to provide guidance on interventional procedures, such as biopsy and pre-surgical.

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