At this week’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, Clarius Mobile Health showcased its wireless, handheld ultrasound scanners with a mobile application for iOS and Android smart devices; these scanners can be used by physicians to capture quick bedside scans.

The Clarius C3 multipurpose ultrasound scanner can image both the abdomen and the lungs; it can also incorporate a virtual phased array for quick scans of the heart. The system is appropriate for guiding procedures and imaging superficial structures.

According to Kevin Irish, MD, an interventional radiologist who has used the scanner in test situations during the development process, “The ability to put ultrasound literally in the palm of your hand is an important advancement in the development of ultrasound. There are no cables, no need to find a plug, no need to have a large room to allow for bulky equipment.”

Irish notes that, with the Clarius solution, he can literally begin a scan once entering a patient’s room. “Clarius will be ideal for pain management and limited interventional procedures, such as line placements, thoracenteses, paracenteses, and biopsies,” he adds.

Adds Laurent Pelissier, chairman and CEO of Clarius: “By focusing on exceptional image quality, we have succeeded in producing a handheld ultrasound scanner that appeals to a broad spectrum of physicians. We look forward to demonstrating the unique capabilities of Clarius scanners to the radiology community.”

For more information about this scanner, visit Clarius.