Philips has nabbed U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance for its newest ultrasound system, the 5000 Compact Series.

This clearance aims to elevate ultrasound portability performance through the latest advancements in Philips ultrasound technology which delivers cart-based premium image quality in compact form, featuring a wide range of diagnostic ultrasound solutions to fit the needs of many clinical specialties including point of care, cardiology, general imaging, and obstetrics and gynecology. 

“Globally, clinicians are faced with increasing pressures to deliver higher patient throughput for quick, confident diagnoses via ultrasound exams, while receiving more and more requests to perform rapid ultrasound exams at the bedside,” says Matthijs Groot Wassink, general manager of point-of-care ultrasound at Philips. 

“Until now, portable ultrasound systems have typically meant decreased performance, lack of advanced features, and lower grade image quality. With this clearance for our next generation portable Philips Ultrasound 5000 Compact Series, clinicians now have the ability to make quicker and more confident diagnoses. Patients within locations such as hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, physician offices, and point-of-care settings, also have faster access to quicker results, physician communication and ultimately, increased peace of mind in their treatment plans.”

Philips officials say despite its compact size, the Ultrasound 5000 Compact Series does not compromise performance and delivers clinical decision support with mobile efficiency. Combined with real-time collaboration and remote consultations and training (via Philips Ultrasound Collaboration Live tele-ultrasound capabilities), and integrated connectivity for streamlined workflows, this device is aimed at helping clinicians make the right diagnosis the first time. 

Offering consistency across Philips ultrasound systems EPIQ and Affiniti, the Philips Ultrasound 5000 Compact Series shares the same user interfaces, features, touchscreens, transducers, and workflows for ease of use and operator efficiency. Designed to provide clear images to quickly inform and to aid diagnosis confirmation, the Ultrasound 5000 Compact Series helps decrease the need for costly, time-consuming repeat scans.

Philips showcased the Ultrasound 5000 Compact Series at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly 2022 in October.