My question involves the GE Logiq 9s. My facility has a pair of them that I just started looking after, and the history shows them both going through back end processors and power supplies on an annual basis.

Are the GE Logiq 9s that prone to these expensive repairs? Do you see a high number of similar repairs at Conquest? Second question: Does your service department have a “Most Probable Cause of Malfunction” list for the Philips, GE, and other ultrasound chassis still in use? Thanks.

Both the BEP and the BEP power supplies are considered high failure items and we frequently have to replace them. There are a few things that can help extend the life of both the BEP and the BEP power supply.

First, if you are unplugging the system to go portable, make sure you first turn off the circuit breaker on the back of the system and give it about 10 seconds to completely power down. After interviewing many customers, we found that they routinely unplug the system without turning the circuit breaker off and it won’t power back on.

Next, make sure the filters are cleaned often. The manufacturer suggests one PM a year, but filters are often dirty within a few months of cleaning. This causes excess heat and early failures.

Last, if you are operating in a warm environment the ultrasound system runs very hot. Try putting a small fan behind the system enhancing airflow around it. These suggestions should improve the lifespan of the equipment. Unfortunately, these are still high failure items and you will find yourself replacing them. We constantly recognize the same failures on a variety of systems. Many of these failures are consistent between OEMs. Examples are monitors, power supplies, keyboards and peripherals. We rely on our many years of experience and our excellent training programs to troubleshoot common malfunctions.

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