RamSoft and Scannerside have teamed up to offer a CT Dose Module that provides real-time radiation dose tracking, reporting, and analytics. This is timely, since recent CT dose regulations in California, Connecticut, and Texas, in addition to increased public attention and regulatory focus on imaging-related radiation exposure, require imaging providers to be even more careful about radiation-dose tracking.

A 100% cloud-based system, the CT Dose Module enables users to evaluate usage protocols, supply patients with easy-to-understand printouts, compare rates against national averages, and streamline exam workflow, in addition to other capabilities.

“RamSoft’s CT Dose Module was designed to maximize workflow automation, while complying with Joint Commission requirements,” says Luke Bideaux, clinical applications manager at Ramsoft. “In addition to its JCAHO-compliant dose registry, [it’s] equipped with the capability to seamlessly pull information from CT dose report screens and bookmark the values right into the radiology report, thus saving time for the radiology staff and eliminating data entry errors.”

For more information about this module, visit RamSoft.