GE Healthcare has debuted a new CT platform with built-in scalability for onsite CT detector upgrades from 40 mm to 80 mm or 160 mm detector coverage, without needing to replace the gantry.

The new Revolution Apex platform is designed to help radiology departments stay ahead of the technology curve with a modular design that offers a seamless path to continuous hardware and software scalability and upgradability that will extend the lives of CT systems into the future, as some facilities have expressed challenge to keep their systems up to date.

“I have to look to how to spend money in the right way. It’s quite important to make good decisions to get the most advanced technology,” says Johan de Mey, MD, PhD, chair of radiology at University Hospital Brussels in Belgium.

With this challenge in mind, GE Healthcare developed a new, modular CT system design that enables hardware scalability. Revolution Apex platform’s Gemstone Clarity Detector is the foundation of this approach—enabling users to update their service line from a 40 mm detector and 0.28 second rotation speed up to a 160 mm detector and 0.23 second per rotation speed.

This enables healthcare facilities to keep up with the latest technology while minimizing technology obsolescence and optimizing clinical capabilities now and in the future.

“In the past, we kept machines as long as possible, and we upgraded them with software. But if the hardware was obsolete, we removed it from the hospital. With the Apex, we have a platform with the latest technology and can easily upgrade as our clinical practice evolves,” says de Mey.

The Revolution Apex platform was also developed with operational efficiency in mind. Studying radiology departments’ entire workflows and identifying opportunities to simplify and streamline processes, GE Healthcare developed Effortless Workflow, which utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to automate much of the workflow, from pre-scan to post-scan.

The Revolution Apex platform is also designed to produce high quality CT images at the lowest possible radiation dose through TrueFidelity deep learning image reconstruction. TrueFidelity is GE Healthcare’s image reconstruction technology that uses a dedicated Deep Neural Network to generate high-definition, low-noise CT images.

Revolution Apex platform is also equipped with GE Healthcare’s patented Quantix X-ray tube, which is designed to provide the output necessary to comfortably image all anatomies regardless of patient size.

The Revolution Apex platform is also built to seamlessly upgrade with regular software upgrades that include new capabilities and workflow enhancements, as well as image quality, dose management, cybersecurity and service tools.

Revolution Apex was introduced at the Radiological Society of North America’s 2021 Annual Meeting. For more information on GE Healthcare’s Revolution Apex platform, see

Featured image: The new Revolution Apex platform is designed to help radiology departments stay ahead of the technology curve with a modular design. Photo: GE Healthcare