Bracco Imaging has introduced the EmpowerCTA+ injector system to give clinicians an advanced engineering contrast injection option for CT imaging. Intended for the vascular administration of contrast and flushing media, the system is used in conjunction with CT scanning, with an optional interface to a CT scanner and an optional calculator for glomerular filtration rate.

According to the company, the EmpowerCTA+ for CT imaging was reengineered to give it an intuitive and intelligent design, and the system’s touchscreen technology enables technologists to customize the contrast injection experience at the patient’s side. Recent enhancements to the system include real time variable flow rates, saline advance, and saline jump, according to the company.

The injector’s patented EDA (extravasation detection accessory) is intended to advance patient care while providing additional safety and peace of mind for the technologist. Its eGFR calculator simplifies calculations for kidney evaluation function prior to contrast delivery, and a built-in tilt sensor and lock helps minimize the risk of air embolisms.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the availability on the market of the EmpowerCTA+,” said Vittorio Puppo, head of Business Unit Injectors and president and CEO at Bracco Diagnostics. “The contrast injector system was reengineered with digital touch technology and a new visionary design with high performance, which will help us to increase market penetration.”

For more information about the EmpowerCTA+ injector system for CT imaging, visit the Bracco Imaging website.