Los Angeles-based RadNet, Inc., which has a national network of 309 outpatient imaging centers, has selected Medic Vision’s SafeCT technologies—a move in line with the outpatient imaging provider’s goal of complying with Smart Dose regulations.

Providing an enterprise-wide, low-dose scanning solution for organizations with many CT scanners, SafeCT Enterprise includes a cluster of SafeCT servers that work together to provide diagnostic quality to CT studies that were acquired using low-dose protocols; these scanners can exist in a number of different locations on a given network.

A patent-pending add-on system, SafeCT-29 helps health care providers achieve compliance with the XR-29 Standard for CT and PET/CT systems, regardless of vendor or model type. SafeCT-29 is the only FDA-cleared third-party system providing XR-29 functionality.

“This upgrade to our existing scanners with SafeCT Enterprise and SafeCT-29 from Medic Vision allows us to optimize patient safety while complying with regulations and staying within budget constraints,” says Howard Berger, MD, president and CEO of RadNet. “Medic Vision’s products enable us to comply with new dose regulations with our existing scanners and, in the process, alleviate the need for us to replace a portion of our CT fleet. These Medic [Vision] products are FDA-cleared, giving us reassurance that we are complying with mandated government regulations.”

Medic Vision CEO Eyal Aharon also praised the new partnership, saying that the company is “excited to partner with [RadNet[ to provide compliance with the recent regulations related to CT radiation reduction and management.”

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