Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc has announced two new Aplio CV ultrasound systems that offer a comprehensive suite of dedicated cardiac technology, intended to create easy-to-use systems for imaging a broad range of patients. Both the Aplio 500 Platinum CV and the Aplio 300 Platinum CV feature the company’s latest guidance and workflow technologies and both spectral and color Doppler. Toshiba’s Wall Motion Tracking technology, which is also included with these systems, is said to allow doctors to quantify isolated movement within the heart to assist with detection of cardiotoxicity.

The Aplio 500 Platinum CV and Aplio 300 Platinum CV deliver detail and resolution throughout the entire field-of-view, says Toshiba, providing good definition of the endocardium, which results in an accurate and easy-to-use 2D strain resolution.

“The common perception is that implementing strain imaging into routine cardiac ultrasound increases exam times,” Curt Hanawalt, sonographer, West Jefferson Medical Center, said in the announcement. “However, with Toshiba’s Wall Motion Tracking we are able to measure EF and strain using the same protocol. The technology has actually helped us reduce exam times, providing a shorter and more comfortable experience for the patient.”

Toshiba showcased the Aplio Platinum Series CV at this year’s American College of Cardiology (ACC) annual meeting in San Diego. For more information about the Aplio 500 Platinum CV and the Aplio 300 Platinum CV, visit the Toshiba America Medical Systems website.