Carestream, Rochester, NY, announced new software and hardware enhancements to the company’s DRX-Evolution Plus to expand its radiology capabilities and meet the radiology needs and budgets of healthcare providers worldwide. Some of the updates to the imaging system include LED lighting for enhanced functionality, a high-performance generator, and forward-looking design specifications to accommodate advanced imaging applications as they become available. The company reports that an extended tube column increases flexibility during use in high-ceiling rooms, and an optional table cab accommodates patients up to 705 pounds (320 kg).

“The DRX-Evolution has earned the trust of radiology professionals around the world, largely due to continuous improvements in functionality that help technologists quickly and easily capture complex exams that previously required greater effort,” said Helen Titus, worldwide marketing director for x-ray solutions and ultrasound at Carestream. “We have developed more new software features that can boost productivity and enhance the visualization of anatomy, while simultaneously helping to reduce radiation dose.”

According to Carestream, the DRX-Evolution Plus, which will begin shipping later in 2015, also offers modular components and configurations. The system is said to support a choice of 3 DRX detectors, including two cesium iodide detectors (35 x 43 cm and 25 x 30 cm) for high-quality imaging. The DRX-Evolution Plus can be configured with a 43 x 43 cm fixed detector in the wall stand, and one or two additional wireless detectors that can be used for table bucky and tabletop exams.

For more information about the DRX-Evolution Plus, please visit the Carestream website.