I am studying for my Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical and working for a company in Long Island in the field of medical instrumentation. I would like to be an expert in ultrasound. How do I start? What should I do?

Take advantage of your biomedical training. Get into the system. Use your existing skill sets to get into a medical facility’s clinical engineering department. Many hospitals and large medical groups, such as the Adventists, Catholic Healthcare Initiative, and Kaiser are protecting their capital investments and maximizing their return on investment, or ROI, by bringing the repair and maintenance of imaging equipment in-house. Most large facilities and groups are also very much pro-employee development training. Take advantage of this benefit by attending a solid “ultrasound basics” training course and perhaps a training offering that teaches preventive maintenance on a selection of manufacturers’ equipment.

Internalizing preventive maintenance is an excellent way to begin to become an expert on ultrasound while saving the facility money.

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