Thank you so much for the good work you are doing. I am a recent biomedical engineering technician graduate with an associate degree. I had my internship with Philips medical systems on ultrasound. I did lot of PMs at different hospitals and am pretty comfortable working on different modalities of ultrasound, especially the IU 22 and IE33.

My question is, I am having trouble getting a job in the field as an ultrasound repair technician. What can you advise me to do?

Geography plays a big part. Due to the worsening economy, manufacturers are re-thinking sales and service philosophies that have served them well for a while. OEM service technicians have to cover more pieces of equipment than have historically been considered the norm. Senior staffs are finding themselves part of RIFs. But all is not doom and gloom. Much more emphasis is being placed on maintaining existing equipment. Many facilities are moving this function in-house. Look to your local clinical engineering society Web pages for job links. The AAMI career page ( has many useful links and its site also offers links to other professional groups.

If you’re on the West Coast, consider the CMIA jobs link, , which mostly has listings in California with some in Washington. There is also a Featured Jobs and Find a Job area on the right side of the 24×7 Web page, just about at the level of the photos of Diane and me.

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