Unetixs Vascular, a global manufacturer of noninvasive peripheral vascular physiologic testing solutions, has announced that it is joining forces with SuperSonic Imagine to bring SuperSonic Imagine’s technology to more customers in the vascular market. SuperSonic Imagine, inventor of ShearWave Elastography and UltraFast Doppler, develops and markets Aixplorer, an ultrasound system that can acquire images 200 times faster than conventional ultrasound systems, according to the company.

“SuperSonic Imagine’s award-winning technology is a significant addition to our portfolio of noninvasive vascular solutions,” said Neeraj Jha, CEO of Unetixs Vascular. “Their highly innovative ultrasound system will provide incredible value to our customers that are in need of a fast, reliable ultrasound solution for performing vascular exams.”

Aixplorer is said to image two types of waves: ultrasound waves to ensure good image quality, and shear waves to visualize and analyze the stiffness of tissue in a real-time, reliable, reproducible, and non-invasive manner.

“Together, we and Unetixs will provide significant value and expertise to the vascular market, the fourth largest ultrasound segment in the United States,” said Kurt Kelln, chief business officer and executive vice president of sales and marketing at SuperSonic Imagine. “This partnership expands our presence and positions us for future growth as we continue to develop unique clinical solutions.”

For more information about ultrasound geared for the vascular market, and the partnership between Unetixs and SuperSonic, visit the Supersonic Imagine and Unetixs Vascular websites.