I have asked my clinical engineering managers about taking ultrasound service in-house and I seem to be getting a lot of pushback because of service keys. They tell me that OEMs use service key codes that reset every day or every time the circuitry is accessed. In their view, this forces us to use OEM service contracts or risk excessive equipment downtime while we try to find a workaround for the service key. What is the best way to approach this issue so that we can eliminate the OEM service contract and assume service in-house?

One way to handle this problem is to attend OEM training on the systems that require service passwords. For example, if you attend the Philips training on the iU22 or iE33 systems you are entitled to receive the daily password. In addition, ultrasound service training is available from other third-party service providers. These companies offer a transition plan from the OEM to in-house service including training and technical support.

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