In my April 19 blog I talked about an upcoming meeting to decide on a name for the profession. Facilitated by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI), AAMI has now released the findings of the meeting. And the winner? “Healthcare Technology Management” will now be the official name of the field responsible for servicing and maintaining medical technology.

According to those in attendance, the meeting went well beyond finding a name. The diverse group of 30 industry professionals delved into what type of work would make up the field in the years to come and what job attributes they would like to associate with the field—as well as those they did not want associated with the field.

While this name does stand as the name of the field, this name does not necessarily impact individual job titles—those are the next steps.

Given the information I received on the thoroughness of the discussion, I’d say they did a good job identifying what a clinical/biomedical engineer’s future work would entail, and then choosing a name for the field that will define it.

But more importantly, what do you think? The group will now conduct a 90-day public comment period so that anyone impacted by this can express their comments about the recommended name and future of the profession. Click here to comment.

Please be sure to submit your comments, and I hope you’ll also comment here and let us know your thoughts.