Photo courtesy Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

Photo courtesy Bracco Diagnostics Inc.

Bracco Diagnostics Inc, the US subsidiary of Bracco Imaging SpA, has launched its PROTOCO2L TOUCH colon insufflator. This device is used to inflate the colon with CO2 in patients who undergo computed tomography (CT) colonography (CTC) for the detection of colon cancer.

In the United States, colon cancer is a leading cause of cancer related deaths. It is recommended that people age 50 and older be screened for the presence of this disease, as early detection can lead to increased cure rates. Advances in CT imaging have allowed for the examination of the colon via CTC, a quick, non-invasive test that does not require a patient to be sedated.

Due to the increasing evidence of the effectiveness of CTC, the United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) classified CTC as a Grade A Screening test in June 2016.

“The USPSTF Grade A classification places CTC on par with optical colonoscopy, which has been the gold standard of screening for colon cancer,” says Alberto Spinazzi, MD, senior vice president of global medical and regulatory affairs at Bracco Group. “Colorectal cancer is one of the deadliest cancers, but has a 90% cure rate when detected early.”

Spinazzi continues, “CTC offers clinicians and patients a fast and reliable screening test with an added benefit for patients in that they do not need to undergo sedation. This means that a patient does not need to have someone else drive them to and from their CTC exam, and the patient does not need to take a day away from their work.”

The PROTOCO2L TOUCH colon insufflator is used in CTC exams to obtain optical distension of the colon. The device utilizes automated insufflation of CO2, which is more rapidly absorbed with less post-procedural discomfort than the alternative, room air. It offers clinicians a touchscreen, digital technology, and other features for procedural efficiency not available from the previous generations of colon insufflators.

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