Wireless technology company Globaltel Media announced that its CEO Robert Sanchez will share expertise and provide guidance to the Rady Children’s Hospital Information Technology Task Force as a trustee.

Recently the company has developed new technologies for the health care space including MedAlirti, which enables the sharing of medical
information with rich media via standard cell phone SMS text messaging. The technology meets HIPAA compliance regulations for text message based communication to alleviate privacy concerns for both patients and health care providers.

Additionally, Globaltel Media announced last year the formation of a mobile health care advisory board comprised of distinguished industry leaders. The board is dedicated to providing strategic direction and insight into industry-specific issues of immediate concern to hospitals and other health care professionals.

“I look forward to contributing my experience and expertise to help Rady Children’s Hospital in continually improving its information technology infrastructure,” Sanchez said. “As health care technology rapidly advances, it is critical that organizations adopt the latest proven solutions to provide the best possible care for patients.”