Hello, I have a Sequoia 512 sw 7.2. A couple of the techs want to see if I can make this unit send the images automatically after the techs have completed each study. Where can I go and change that setting so I can automatically have images be sent to PACS after completing the study?

In order to change when a study is sent, whether it is at the end of the study or when it is in progress, you will have to access the setup menu. First, boot your system into imaging. To access the setup menu you will need to press the setup key, which is the 7th key from the top right on the qwerty keyboard. After pressing the setup key there will be a menu pop up on the right side of your monitor. The second selection on the menu will be Aegis. Using the trackball, scroll down to Aegis and press one of the kidney switches on either side of the trackball.

A new screen will appear and at the top—depending on what DICOM options you have enabled on your system—you will see define printers, define server, or define worklist. You will need to depress the define server button. Now, on the next screen, you will see in the lower left hand corner auto copy, and below that there are three options: in progress, on study close, and off.

You want to select study close. Now, if the customer wants to see it tell them that on screen you will select below those three options, display in-progress and background store status on the screen. This will display in the lower left hand corner of the screen when studies are being transferred.

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