Agfa HealthCare has released a series of short videos showcasing the features of its floor-mounted DR 400 digital radiography solution. Originally launched in March 2015, the system is designed to be scalable, flexible, and cost-effective, with adaptable configurations that do not require expensive ceiling supports.

The DR 400 can be equipped with both CR and DR technology; it can also combine and integrate with other Agfa CR systems for additional versatility. The system includes a floating tabletop and double-click foot switches, while an under-table mounted generator eliminates the need for placement within the x-ray room.

All versions of the DR 400 can be offered with elevating or nonelevating radiographic tables that accommodate a patient weight of up to 705 pounds. It can also be configured with fixed, tethered, and wireless DR detectors. Optional features include a wall stand with tilting bucky for improved exam positioning, a 10-inch interactive display, and motorized tracking of the tubehead and table, wall stand, or automatic collimator.

The videos cover features such as the rotatable bucky, under-the-table generator, and the wallstand collimator. For more information, visit the Agfa HealthCare website.