MedCrypt, a provider of proactive security solutions for the healthcare space, announced the addition of Ken Hoyme to its advisory board. He brings 40 years of experience in designing regulated, safety-critical secure systems as well as his knowledge of medical device security and regulation.

In this role, Hoyme will advise MedCrypt’s strategy and support the company on its path of continual growth as a leading provider of medical device cybersecurity solutions.

“Having seen the importance of security in healthcare and the rapid changes within the industry throughout my career, I’m excited to join an organization that I firmly believe is at the forefront of medical device security, functioning with a high standard of excellence and ethics,” says Ken Hoyme, former sr. product security fellow for Boston Scientific. “The excellent work I’ve seen from MedCrypt will truly drive change in the industry and I look forward to working with an organization that is pushing for software that will secure critical medical devices.”

Hoyme recently retired from Boston Scientific as a senior product security fellow, where he established the company-wide product security program, incorporating security requirements across their Quality System. He has been active in many industry initiatives, including:

  • The co-chair of H-ISAC’s Medical Device Security Information Sharing Council (MDSISC)
  • One of the original co-chairs of AAMI’s Device Security Working Group, which produced AAMI TIR57, a report outlining the principles of medical device security and risk management
  • A member of AAMI’s BI&T Editorial Board
  • A participant in several HSCC JCWG working groups including the development of the Joint Security Plan
  • A participant and lead for cybersecurity projects with the Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC)
  • A participant in every meeting of the Archimedes Center for Healthcare and Device Security at the University of Michigan
  • An instigator in the creation of the Center for Medical Device Cybersecurity (CMDC) at the University of Minnesota, and co-instructor for their initial short courses

“MedCrypt is delighted to announce the addition of Ken Hoyme to our advisory board. Ken is a true industry pioneer, having sat at the forefront of some of the biggest cybersecurity organizations within the industry,” says Mike Kijewski, CEO of MedCrypt. “We’re excited to gain further insights from Ken and benefit from the vast knowledge and innovation he has to offer.”

Axel Wirth, MedCrypt’s chief security strategist, added: “Having Ken Hoyme join our advisory board shows MedCrypt’s continued commitment to providing safety-focused cybersecurity solutions to medical device manufacturers. We are looking forward to his contribution and leadership to support our mission,”

Hoyme joins as an advisor alongside Michael McNeil, who was added to MedCrypt’s Board of Directors in 2020. MedCrypt currently provides enhanced security features and services for seven of the top 10 medical device manufacturers as well as startups and mid-sized companies, specifically for medical products by Accuray, Liberate Medical, and RefleXion.