DT Research, designer and manufacturer of purpose-built computing solutions, introduced the 323MD medical tablet, designed to deliver efficient point-of-care applications across a spectrum of healthcare environments.

The 323MD is designed for both mobile and fixed settings, making it suited for a broad range of healthcare applications, according to DT Research, and helping health professionals monitor, record, and manage patient data.

“Through visionary design and cutting-edge technologies, our goal is to enhance point-of-care technology solutions within hospitals, clinics, and care facilities, while also extending our mobile solutions beyond conventional healthcare settings, broadening the scope of places where patient care can be delivered,” said Daw Tsai, president of DT Research. “We believe purpose-built medical computing solutions not only streamline operations but also elevate the standard of patient care, creating more accessible and patient-centric healthcare experiences.”

The 323MD medical tablet features a 13-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen and Intel Core processors in a portable and durable antimicrobial design. The tablets run Microsoft Windows 10/11 IoT Enterprise and include a wide view, high-brightness display that is designed for detailed imaging, such as X-rays.

For telehealth scenarios, the detachable keyboard transitions the 323MD effortlessly from a stationary device at a nurse’s station to a mobile device in a patient’s room. The device also has built-in Wi-Fi, along with options for barcode scanners, dual-frequency RFID, GNSS data capture, and front/back cameras.

With an IP65 rating and MIL-STD-810H/461G certification, the tablets are designed for durability and can operate across a wide range of temperatures. The tablet has hot-swappable batteries and a fanless design ensures quiet operation and minimal maintenance, according to the company. With antimicrobial enclosures and certified to meet ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 standards, the tablets are purpose-built for clean-sensitive medical environments.