ARAMARK Healthcare—Clinical Technology Services (Charlotte, NC) offers independent clinical equipment management solutions, with engineering specialists managing the entire spectrum of biomedical and imaging equipment, including preventive and corrective maintenance, and the development of certification processes and standards. From biomedical and imaging equipment management to endoscope surgical instrument repair, the company is equipped to provide clinical equipment strategies that reduce costs, improve dependability, and enhance patient safety. The comprehensive solutions offered by ARAMARK Healthcare enable health care partners to create high-quality environments for patient care. (800) 825-1786;

CREST Services (Lewisville, Tex) offers nationwide health care facilities program management, including biomedical services, imaging services, CT/MRI services and refurbishing, parts sourcing, and JCAHO consultation. Its experienced team of technicians, account managers, modality specialists, and support personnel work together with you to efficiently manage your entire equipment program. This is accomplished by supplying you with on-site personnel to provide preventive and unscheduled repairs, parts sourcing, and trending and tracking of service codes. Also, CREST tracks additional vendor service and assists with life-cycle analysis and capital expenditure forecasting. (888) 467-1536;

TriMedx (Indianapolis) is a collaborative service provider of clinical technology management services to hospitals, integrated health systems, and outpatient facilities. The company collaborates with customers to develop customized, cost-effective programs to meet safety, performance, regulatory compliance, and financial requirements. TriMedx uses an in-sourcing model that leverages industry expertise through hospital-based technicians to provide high-quality service to customers. The company provides multi-vendor service for biomedical, imaging, laboratory, and specialty equipment. (877) 874-6339;

Masterplan (Chatsworth, Calif), a not-for-profit shared service since 1974, has developed the scale and capability to provide unbiased, brand-neutral services to clients of all sizes across the nation, in a very cost-efficient manner. Employing a team of more than 500 experienced professionals, Masterplan provides services for the complete spectrum of all the major equipment modalities. While specializing in providing on-site support for some of the nation’s larger health care systems, Masterplan has developed its own support resources, including a proprietary, award-winning Web-based maintenance management system and its own versions of remote diagnostics for many of the major imaging modalities. (800) 950-2647;