Appleton, Wis.-based Technical Prospects, a company specializing in Siemens imaging equipment, announces its complete training class schedule for 2019. The modality-specific courses feature topics including CT, fluoroscopy, radiography, and more.

Imaging engineers and technicians will expand their Siemens medical imaging equipment skills and knowledge base through hands-on labs and structured lessons led by Technical Prospects’ experienced instructors. Courses are offered both online and in person at Technical Prospects’ facility.

New in 2019, online courses will be available at any time, and in-person classes can be coordinated on custom dates for classes of three or more students. Technical Prospects will also introduce a Siemens Multix Fusion radiography course. This class will focus exclusively on the Multix Fusion system with an emphasis on the tube overhead, table, wall stand, RF 80 generator, flat-panel digital detector, and imaging system.

Returning courses for 2019 include:

  • Angio/Cath Lab: Siemens Artis Zee/dFC/FA: This class discusses the major system components that comprise the flat-detector panel digital and image intensifier-based analog Artis Zee/dFC/FA system platforms.
  • Computed Tomography: Siemens Emotion 6/16: Coursework covers the Emotion 6/16 platform, with focuses on Emotion 6/16 slice 2003, 2007 and 2010 series systems.
  • Computed Tomography: Siemens Sensation Family: Through this class, students learn about major system components that make up the Sensation Family system platform, specifically covering 10-, 16-, 40- and 64-slice systems.
  • Computed Tomography: Siemens Definition AS: This course focuses on the major system components that are included in the Definition AS system platform and specifically covers the different AS and table configuration options.
  • Fluoroscopy: Servicing Siemens Fluoroscopy Systems: Students in this course learn to service the major system components included in the Image Intensifier-based Luminos TF, Iconos R200, Sireskop SD, and Uroskop Access system platforms.
  • Fluoroscopy: Siemens Luminos Agile/Agile Max: Students learn about servicing the Luminos Agile and Agile Max system platforms and focus on the major system components that make up the flat-detector panel-based fluoroscopic system platforms.
    Mobile Units: Siemens ARCADIS Family: This course covers servicing the major system components that make up the Image Intensifier-based ARCADIS Family platform, covering the Varic, Orbic and Avantic models.
  • Online: Intro to X-Ray: This online option offers students a working knowledge of the terminology and principles of medical x-ray imaging.
  • Online: Intro to CT: An online option, this class provides students with a working knowledge of the terminology and principles of CT components and circuitry and is designed to prepare students for higher-level imaging courses.
  • Online: Siemens syngo: Through this online course, students gain an understanding of the overlying theory, concept and implementation of the Siemens syngo application from a non-modality-specific perspective.
  • Radiography: Siemens Ysio/Ysio Max: During this course, students discuss servicing the new digital Ysio and Ysio Max system platforms with a focus on the major system components and the Siemens Flat Detector Panel technology.
  • Radiography: Siemens Aristos FX/MX: This course covers the major system components that make up the Aristos FX and MX/VX systems.
  • Radiography: Siemens Multix MT/TOP/PRO: Students learn about the Multix MT, TOP and PRO systems, as well as the Canon digital-detector panel.

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