Medical device security company MedSec has partnered with Corelight,  provider of an open network detection and response (NDR) platform, to provide healthcare organizations with robust, proactive defenses against increasingly sophisticated and frequent attacks aimed at disrupting critical care and potentially life-saving operations at their facilities.

MedSec provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with a turnkey solution to manage the security of every medical device throughout the enterprise. The company’s proprietary technology, MedScan, provides constant vigilance through the identification and tracking of devices and a real-time monitoring and alert system.

“We are pleased to partner with Corelight to offer our customers enhanced security through a powerful combination of innovative and precise solutions,” says Justine Bone, CEO of MedSec. “Corelight’s threat hunting, incident response, threat detection and data enrichment capabilities coupled with MedSec’s threat monitoring and risk impact prioritization features provide customers with real time insight to target and rapidly respond to threats that pose the highest risks.”

Corelight transforms network and cloud activity into evidence so that data-first defenders can stay ahead of ever-changing attacks. Delivered by an open NDR platform, Corelight’s comprehensive, correlated evidence gives customers visibility into the network. This evidence allows security teams to unlock new analytics, investigate faster, and even disrupt future attacks.

“The sheer number of Internet-connected devices deployed at healthcare organizations makes their networks high-value targets for bad actors,” says Rick Beattie, vice president of sales, for the Americas at Corelight. “Healthcare security operations teams are on the front lines protecting sensitive patient personal information as well as ensuring that critical care devices are not taken offline, which is why this partnership is so important. Together with MedSec, we can empower healthcare SOC teams with the right evidence to detect threats and malicious activity on their networks before a serious breach occurs.”