Miami-based healthcare-focused cybersecurity company MedSec has forged a partnership with Coral Springs, Fla.-based national cybersecurity consulting firm 24By7Security, Inc. The agreement combines 24By7Security’s IT security and compliance proficiency with MedSec’s proficiency in medical device security to produce a comprehensive medical device risk management program for hospitals.

With the rise of the connected hospital, increasing populations of medical devices are connected to hospital IT networks and the internet, MedSec officials say. This infrastructure has unique availability and security requirements, typically managed by different departments with disparate priorities and practices. And general-purpose security solutions do not address the unique challenges facing hospitals and healthcare infrastructure, MedSec officials add.

“Until this partnership between MedSec and 24By7Security, hospitals didn’t have the option to deploy comprehensive, ‘start-to-finish’ medical device security solutions,” says John Hamm, MedSec’s CRO. “Together, we’ve built the first holistic program fully dedicated to hospital medical device risk management, from procurement to deployment to end-of life.”

Jim McKeen, 24by7 Security’s director of business development, also spoke out about the partnership, commenting: “24By7Security’s unmatched expertise, from risk assessment and testing to HIPAA policies and procedures, allows us to offer the first program fully dedicated to hospital medical device requirements. We have the playbooks to reduce risk and costs by helping.”

What’s more, McKeen says, “MedSec has unmatched expertise in medical device security, based on years of work with device manufacturers globally, industry organizations, and standards bodies. This partnership gives us the ability to offer hospitals a single source platform, purpose-built for their unique requirements, so they can reduce complexity and take full control of their medical device infrastructure.”