Facility management provider Sodexo announces an expanded partnership with water, hygiene, and infection prevention solutions and services provider Ecolab Inc. Together, they will deliver a new infection prevention offering for hospitals and healthcare facilities across the U.S. Sodexo’s program, Protecta Plus, provides an additional solution to help reduce the risk of infection with Ecolab’s Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor technology.

Protecta Plus offers hospitals technology solutions for their specialized disinfection needs. It provides personalized support and fully managed services with dedicated infection prevention specialists. Protecta Plus also supports Sodexo’s foundational Protecta offering, a standardized, integrated environmental infection program. The program is designed for organizations looking to reduce or stabilize hospital-associated infections (HAIs) and keep them low.   

“We’re excited to add this to the Protecta Plus lineup,” says Brooke Hossfeld, MPH, CIC, MLS (ASCP) CM, infection prevention specialist for Sodexo. “The broad efficacy of a sterilant is great because hospitals face such a wide range of challenges—from typical organisms like MRSA and C.diff, as well as emerging issues such as COVID-19 variants to C. auris—they need to be ready for almost anything.”

Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant is an EPA-registered sterilant that uses an automated process to decontaminate enclosed spaces. It reaches all exposed surfaces—including hard-to-reach ceilings, far corners, and open drawers for maximum impact. The proprietary technology is proven effective against even tough organisms, such as bacterial spores. With Bioquell, Sodexo’s Protecta Plus can be implemented within a variety of service models to provide critical aid in the fight against HAIs in different care settings.

“Some patients are especially vulnerable to HAIs,” says Kristen Gray, Ecolab area vice president for life sciences. “Having this sterilant technology to kill viruses, spores, fungi, and bacteria where these patients are treated and heal—burn units, cancer centers, operating rooms, children’s hospitals, and ICUs—is something we’re very proud of. We offer options to all types of facilities, with the option for on-site environmental service teams to run this technology or Ecolab experts who can provide onsite turnkey services.”