The SonoMask from Sonovia Ltd., Ramat Gan, Israel, is very effective at neutralizing COVID-19, according to results from internationally accredited laboratory ATCC Testing laboratory. The SonoMask, which uses Sonovia’s proprietary formula, displayed 99.34% effectiveness neutralizing the SARS-COV2 virus within just 30 minutes of exposure in accordance with ISO 18184.

This result comes after Sonovia’s recent trials with international companies from the auto and fashion industries. In one, the formula managed to prove an effective treatment for carpets and fabric while achieving a 99.999% efficiency rate against bacteria. 

Currently, Sonovia is in the process of integrating its antibacterial fabric into the sports clothing line of Israeli clothing manufacturer Delta, and the company’s textiles are being considered for use in bedding and uniforms in Israeli hospitals. 

The Sonovia mask maintains its protective properties through more than 55 industrial wash cycles, eliminating the need to frequently replace masks or filters and making it a far greener solution than traditional disposable PPE, which due to their innate nature pollute the environment excessively. Sonovia’s patented technology is based on a process called cavitation, which involves using specialized machinery to emit sound waves that infuse proprietary chemical formulations into the woven fibers of textiles.

The company strives to provide people with unparalleled protection in the ‘new normal,’ even after the pandemic subsides. This could dramatically reduce the risk of contagion following the current crisis and ensure a safer environment in which the coronavirus is a permanent guest. 

Joshua Hershcovici, Sonovia’s CEO, says: “Following this outstanding result, the product of several months of dedicated anti-viral sonochemistry formulation, we can now assure the public that our SonoMask is working continuously, permanently, and rapidly to neutralize the spread of COVID-19. We are proud of our latest accomplishment that will help people feel safe and protect their loved ones, all the whilst remaining the most ecologically sound option on the PPE market.”

Liat Goldhammer, Chief Technology Officer at Sonovia, says: “We see our breakthrough technology transforming our everyday life, implemented in all textiles surrounding us: from the clothes we wear, to the textiles in our home, the textiles in our public spaces, in public transportation and of course as a protective measure in the workplaces and medical institutes in a manner that ensures safer surroundings during these unusual times.”

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Featured image: SonoMask was shown to be 99.34% effective in neutralizing the SARS-COV2 virus. (courtesy Sonovia Tech)