Berlin-based Caresyntax and Barco, of Kortrijk, Belgium, are bringing to market a virtual presence technology for the digital operating room.

In April 2019, Barco and Caresyntax announced their strategic partnership, with the intent of strengthening each other in their common goal of enabling powerful digital environments for the surgical suite. Since then, the companies have developed the roadmap and completed several key steps of its realization.

In March of this year, the first step in Barco and Caresyntax’s joint software development toward more comprehensive solutions for the operating room was successfully completed. This concerns a software solution that works with Nexxis and Artificial Intelligence in the assessment during surgery and surgical training. A clinical pilot is being set up in Ghent, Belgium, and commercial implementation is planned in 2020’s fourth quarter.

Barco also implemented a production line in its healthcare hub in Suzhou, China, for a joint offering of in-wall consoles, a technology developed by Caresyntax and now logistically strengthened by Barco. Currently, the first order for in-wall solutions in the EMEA region is scheduled to be delivered in October, and more are expected to be distributed throughout the world via Barco and Caresyntax’s respective sales channels.

Furthermore, closely observing the global surge of remote work and remote collaboration, the two companies are now also diving together into the world of virtual healthcare and of virtual professional, clinical collaboration.

“We continue to leverage on our common intent to provide added value solutions for the digital OR,” says Davide Nocentini, VP Surgical Imaging at Barco. “By combining Barco’s innovation and expertise with Caresyntax’s market understanding and agility, we strive to develop software solutions aligned with this common strategy. Even during COVID times we found in Caresyntax a great partner to extend our value proposition into a new innovative virtual presence solution based on Nexxis and we are excited to bring it to our partners and hospitals by the end of this year. We will shortly release more details about this, and we just can’t wait to contribute to a better outcome where is needed the most: the operating room.”

“The global healthcare challenges experienced in 2020 have reinforced the need for thoughtful innovation in surgery,” says Timothy Lantz, president and chief operating officer at Caresyntax. “We enthusiastically look forward to expanding our partnership with Barco and are confident that this winning combination of two industry leaders in surgical technology will accelerate our mission of delivering safer, smarter surgery to the world.”

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