Digital infrastructure solutions company Aspire Technology Partners is partnering with CyberMDX—an IoT healthcare security leader—to provide visibility and threat prevention for medical and IoT devices.

As cyber threats continue to increase and evolve, the healthcare industry has become a prime target for bad actors. This partnership seeks to provide operational continuity as well as patient and data safety.

Healthcare providers rely on connected medical devices like infusion pumps and EKG/ECG machines for their clinic workflows and life-saving treatments. Unlike other IT assets, these clinical assets introduce a wide range of operating systems and communication protocols that traditional cyber security solutions cannot adequately protect.

“Protecting the integrity and security of our customers’ networks is a key component to Aspire MDR.  Adding CyberMDX allows us to expand that objective into medical devices,” says John C. Harris, president and CEO of Aspire. “The combination gives more visibility into the entire environment and allows our team to identify potential security threats before they become a severe problem.”

The CyberMDX solution allows Aspire to strengthen its managed detection & response (MDR) service to secure medical and IoT devices. Integration with the CyberMDX platform enables alerts to be sent to Aspire’s 24×7 Network & Security Operations Center (NSOC), where security analysts perform further analysis and investigation and recommend actions to quickly contain or remediate potential threats.

“The Aspire team has a proven track record delivering and implementing both operational efficiency and cyber security solutions for healthcare. We’re delighted to join forces with them to both augment the power of their MDR services and expand through their extensive network in the healthcare industry,” says Amir Magner, president and co-founder.