Healthcare cybersecurity breaches will not only be of financial detriment to your organization but will also greatly increase patient safety risks, among other issues that will result.

According to recent studies, healthcare organizations are three times more likely to be hit by a cyber attack than other industries, and it is really not so surprising. The endless amount of data left behind by a constantly revolving door of incoming and outgoing patients can be incredibly enticing to cybercriminals. On top of that, hackers also know that healthcare companies and hospitals don’t take cybersecurity as seriously as they should, so it becomes easy pickings.

The fact of the matter is that healthcare breaches can be incredibly detrimental to the organization and the patients that they promise to protect, so security and compliance need to be the number one priority. Today we will discuss the true, far-reaching impacts that a data breach can present and how healthcare organizations can stay ahead of the curve to help their bottom line and their patients.

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