South Pacific Biomedical

Since 2001, South Pacific Biomedical Inc, Temecula, Calif, has offered multivendor ventilator service training and support through an array of comprehensive service seminars that combine innovative Internet-based training with advanced classroom study. The company focuses on establishing, growing, and maintaining genuine customer relationships, and heeds the belief that by taking care of customers the business takes care of itself. Courses are product specific, and virtually all hands-on training is guaranteed with the company’s exclusive Lecture-shop learning system, which balances requirements for technical information with the need for realistic hands-on simulations and practice. Major topics covered include pneumatic theory, troubleshooting, and diagnostics and calibrations.

(866) 676-1444

GE Healthcare Education Services

GE Healthcare Education Services, Waukesha, Wis, offers intensive product and health care IT education. CompTIA CTT+ certified instructors with more than 150 years of combined experience teach a variety of hands-on technical courses, which provide students with the same content taught to GE Healthcare field engineers. The company offers a program dedicated solely to health care IT, which includes course topics such as networking, wireless, security,DICOM, and HL7.

Locations vary, but classes mainly take place in Milwaukee; Madison, Wis; and Jupiter, Fla. Students attending technical and IT classes can also gain college credit through the University of Phoenix.

(888) 799-9921

Unisyn Medical Technologies

Unisyn Medical Technologies Inc, Golden, Colo, offers biomedical service training ranging from introductory diagnostic ultrasound to advanced system-specific courses that seek to provide each student with training relevant to his or her individual needs. The company provides competitive training in system interfacing, software access and control, probe testing and repair, and other advanced system maintenance techniques. Instruction delves into areas not taught at factory courses, such as advanced probe maintenance, comprehensive system and board-level troubleshooting techniques, and total ultrasound quality assurance. Students receive all reference materials and extensive post-training technical support.

Students can earn college credit for all ultrasound courses through Unisyn’s partnerships with Front Range Community College and the Colorado Community College System.

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Radiological Service Training Institute (RSTI), Solon, Ohio, has provided multivendor diagnostic imaging service training for more than 25 years. The institute maintains a 26,000-square-foot training facility, which houses more than 20 fully functional labs dedicated to hands-on repair and maintenance training. RSTI offers training across a broad spectrum of systems ranging from analog, to computed and digital radiography, with each course modeled around a unique curriculum created for a specific OEM, modality, or machine. RSTI also offers PACS certification courses and is approved for veterans training. Each instructor holds a bachelor’s degree or military equivalent in either electronics or computer science.

(800) 229-7784