Replacement Parts

DMS Topline Medical, Fargo, ND, has expanded its offerings to include used diagnostic imaging parts for MRI, CT, PET/CT, vascular, and x-ray modalities. Replacement parts are currently available for Philips, GE, and Siemens systems, and include items such as control panels, covers/shields, tubes, coils, system electronics, amps, power supplies, and processors equipment. The company’s 40 trained engineers support x-ray, CT, and MR modalities, and can assist in both systems and parts installations. The company cleans and tests all parts, which come with a standard 30-day warranty; longer warranties are available on certain parts at no extra cost, pedigree-dependent.

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Ultrasound Embedded Asset Tags

AeroScout, Redwood City, Calif, now incorporates Sonitor Technologies’ ultrasound technology in its Wi-Fi RFID solutions. The company’s T2 tag, T2s tag, and battery-powered ultrasound exciter all feature embedded ultrasound capabilities, enabling real-time, room-specific asset location. Designed for mobility throughout the hospital, the new battery-powered ultrasound exciters require no wiring to deploy.

AeroScout has also released an updated version of its MobileView software, which allows users to view real-time and historical locations of patients, staff, and assets on virtual hospital floor maps. The new version offers a range of enhancements and features to support its patient flow solution, which reduces manual processes and improves visibility of equipment, rooms, and patients.

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Unlimited Coil Exchange

ViVid Imaging, Newport News, Va, launches its VIVID advantage coil exchange program, offering customers unlimited access to MRI exchange coils for an annual fee. The company accepts and offers all coil types and makes, covering all field strengths. Damaged coils are refurbished, tested, and entered into the exchange cycle. The program guarantees the availability of a backup coil, which will ship the same day, and there are no limits to the number of exchanges customers can conduct during the contract term. The company also performs advanced, third-party technical service on MRI coils, power injectors, surgical robotics, and related technologies.

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PRT Probes for Extreme Environments

The Hart Scientific division of Fluke Corp, Everett, Wash, offers full immersion platinum resistance thermometer (PRT) probes designed for extreme environments, where both the transition junction and the lead wires must withstand temperatures covering the entire operating range of the probe.

The lead wires of the 5606 are made of single-conductor enameled copper wire, which prevents moisture from wicking to the sensing element, and features a temperature range of -200° to 160°C.

The 5607 probe, designed specifically for performing calibrations or verifying the accuracy of sensors used in ovens or furnaces, features a temperature range of 0° to 450°C. Its lead wire is shielded with braided stainless steel and is connected to the transition junction with a strain relief spring.

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