Cleveland-based medical device and technology company Lazurite Holdings, LLC (formerly Indago) announces that it has contracted with University Hospitals (UH) Ventures—the innovation and commercialization arm of University Hospitals Health System in Cleveland—to conduct a formative human factors study on its ArthroFree wireless surgical camera as part of a broader multisite study.

Human factors, or usability studies, are intended to demonstrate the performance of a device within an environment that simulates its real environment of use and by people who are the potential users.

The ArthroFree system is expected to be the world’s first U.S. FDA-approved fully wireless, minimally invasive camera system for the operating room (OR). It is expected to deliver OR efficiency gains, cost savings, improved safety, and reduced sterilization requirements through eliminating cords and cables, and significant reduction of the risk of OR burns and fires with its proprietary low-heat, high-power light engine technology.

And the modular ArthroFree system is designed to be fully drop-in compatible with current operating room technology. The coming market launch, following anticipated receipt of FDA market clearance in 2022, will initially focus on orthopedic applications, particularly in sports medicine.

“We are excited to have UH Ventures and UH’s orthopedic surgeons and surgical staff working with us on this capstone study,” says Lazurite CEO and Founder Eugene Malinskiy. “We hope this study will be the beginning of a broader, longer-term collaboration between Lazurite and University Hospitals. The connection with UH will certainly benefit us when we launch ArthroFree into the market.”

“Our surgeons and surgical teams are excited to work hands-on with the ArthroFree system as part of this study,” adds James Voos, MD, chair, department of orthopedic surgery at UH Cleveland Medical Center, and the head surgeon on the project. “This aligns with our focus on continuing to advance our orthopedic clinical, educational and research objectives.”