Jan29 iopticsi-Optics has introduced new features to its EasyScan compact confocal SLO retinal imaging system EasyConnect, offering easy and secure information sharing and EasySupport, for online remote system support wherever and whenever required.

EasyScan offers a number of benefits including eye imaging in only a few minutes and confirmed zero-dilation technology, which spares the patient waiting time and blurred vision.

“Now we are adding to its benefits with the introduction of EasyConnect, which makes reviewing and grading retinal images off-site easier than ever, and still secure,” said Jeroen Cammeraat, CEO of i-Optics. “In addition, it makes setting up a secure network of multiple EasyScans and review stations a matter of simple plug-and-play. Mobility, scalability, connectivity, literally everything is as easy-as-it-gets with EasyScan.”