The Joint Commission has released its Annual Report on Quality and Safety 2013, citing 1,099 Top Performer hospitals across the country. The list represents the highest-ranking third of accredited hospitals reporting data to the Commission in 2012.

The total marks a jump of 479 institutions, or 77%, over last year’s pool of achievers. According to The Joint Commission President and CEO Mark Chassin, another 20% of the remaining hospitals fell only one measure shy of meeting the Top Performer goal, indicating the country is reaching “a tipping point in hospital quality performance.” Of the top performers, 424 made the list last year, and 182 have earned distinction 3 years in a row.

Standout states included Florida, with 103 hospitals earning the top honor, Texas with 97, and California with 93. Recognized institutions include Johns Hopkins, the UCLA Medical Center, Memorial Hermann, and St Petersburg General. 

Starting in 2014, The Joint Commission will increase the required number of selected core measure sets each hospital must submit from four to six. 

To view the full report, visit The Joint Commission website