GE Consumer & Industrial‘s new TP–1 transformers are in full compliance with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s TP–1 energy efficiency standard, and are tailored for specifiers, consultants, contractors, distributors, and end–users mindful of energy efficiency.

Each unit provides up to a 10–decibel noise reduction and owner payback via energy savings in an estimated four-year period. The payback of incremental costs through energy savings is based on a 75,000 volt–amp transformer at a 38.6% average load, and electricity cost of 10 cents per kilowatts an hour. The transformers are Energy Star-rated and UL approved, and backed by a two–year warranty.

Some TP–1 models offer weld–less coil termination design to eliminate weld splatter, which produces a cleaner product and lessens the chance of shorts. The spray–on core varnish is non–dipped to convey quality construction.