The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has revised test methods for measuring the absolute spatial variation of geometric accuracy within MR images. NEMA MS 12-2016 Quantification and Mapping of Geometric Distortion for Special Applications presents the absolute geometric accuracy as a map, graph, or table throughout the imaging region rather than as simple figures of merit, such as average or worst-case error.

The revisions take into account the increased variety of test materials, covering medical imaging, radiology, and conformity assessment industries.

“This standard is becoming increasingly useful with MR-guided oncology applications to ensure the required high geometric accuracy of treatment,” says Enzo Barberi, product manager, MR-guided quality assurance at Modus Medical Devices, and MR section member.

NEMA MS 12-2016 is available in hard copy for $72 or as an electronic download for no cost on the NEMA website.