The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) announces a strategic partnership with AmbiFi, an advanced software-as-a-service (SaaS) performance support company. Ambifi provides mobile-first, real-time, hands-free, support for complex procedures while ensuring real-time process documentation and benchmarking.  

“We continue to leverage proven technologies to better serve our members and stakeholders,” says AAMI President and CEO Pamela Arora. “The cognitive load on all healthcare professionals continues to challenge the safe and effective use of health technology. AAMI is expanding its offerings to include AmbiFi’s revolutionary moment-of-need performance support. Ambifi has the potential to transform the execution of complex medical device processes, enabling greater consistency, quality, and transparency.”

Headquartered in Pittsburgh, AmbiFi leverages ambient computing and performance science to empower experts to easily transform industry standards, guidelines, procedural documentation, and expertise into ambient intelligent copilots, called “ambiis.” Deployable on secure mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and smart glasses, these copilots provide guidance and support during the execution of high-stakes processes.

“AmbiFi is a proven platform that launched in the aviation industry and is now used by thousands of pilots globally. After pivoting to healthcare, they have proven their platform across a wide range of clinical use cases,” says Robert Burroughs, senior vice president of education at AAMI. “Our goal is to bring this powerful capability to our medical device stakeholders. Given the incredible breadth and complexity of process that must be executed throughout a medical device’s lifecycle, this tool has the potential to be transformative.”

As a part of the strategic partnership between AAMI and AmbiFi, AAMI has adopted the AmbiFi platform and will leverage AAMI content and subject matter expertise to develop medical device, sterile processing, and healthcare technology ambiis for use by AAMI members and stakeholders. In addition, AAMI will work directly with medical device manufacturers, healthcare delivery organizations, and independent service organizations and educators to develop custom solutions utilizing the AmbiFi platform.

“AAMI is the de facto world leader driving the safe and effective use of healthcare technology via their standards and education. We can’t wait to see what they can do with the AmbiFi platform at their disposal, and we look forward to working together closely to support AAMI members and stakeholders,” says James Sharpe, cofounder of AmbiFi.