Join 24×7 Magazine‘s editorial team at the AAMI 2017 Conference & Expo, which takes place from June 9-12 in Austin, Texas. Stop by booth #426 to help the 24×7 Magazine team celebrate 21 years of serving the HTM field—and pick up some fun 21st anniversary swag while you’re there.

The AAMI 2017 Conference & Expo promises to be one for the books, according to AAMI officials. During the conference, the HTM professionals who service and support a dizzying array of complex and often life-critical medical devices and equipment will have the opportunity to learn what they need to stay on top of the latest innovations, advances, and risks.

The Expo will allow attendees to see the latest upgrades and advances in medical technology from nearly 200 manufacturers.

“The biggest challenge for healthcare technology moving forward is to fully integrate these complex systems into the patient care workflow while ensuring that the quality of care provided by healthcare professionals is not diminished, and that the safety and security of these systems are not compromised and vulnerabilities are not exploited by those who would do harm to the patients or the caregivers,” said Chuck Sidebottom, managing partner of PPO Standards LLC and former AAMI Board chair.

Throughout AAMI 2017, industry experts and leaders will provide practical guidance and insights on the biggest trends and challenges in the healthcare technology sector, including cybersecurity, stricter Joint Commission requirements, and moving ‘Big Data’ to the bedside.