Manufacturing and metrology leaders have created a new certification body establishing performance standards for service providers and equipment manufacturers in the rapidly expanding digital metrology industry.

To help manufacturers find the services and technologies best suited for their own needs, the American Association of Advanced Metrology (AAAM) has developed a portfolio of industry-specific riders for medical instrumentation, orthopedic implants, spinal applications, aerospace, jet engine, and industrial gas turbine. Forthcoming riders may include Consumer Product Safety Commission and ENERGY STAR co-certification, forensic examination, injection molding, investment casting, and laser machining. AAAM has invited leaders from these industries and related certification bodies to serve on its Board of Advisors.

"Our goal is simple," AAAM Chief Coordinator Joseph Meyers said on Monday. "For the US to regain its lead in precision manufacturing, products need to be made faster, leaner, and less expensively, all to a higher quality standard.”