According to manufacturer Gaumard Scientific Company, installation sites for its Victoria birthing simulator in December included the Orlando Health Institute for Learning Simulation Center and the Medical Education Center for Simulation-based Training in Orlando, Florida.

Part of the NOELLE line of maternal and neonatal care simulators, Victoria is described by Gaumard as having a “precision, life-like delivery and birthing mechanism that births a life-like, full-term baby with sophisticated monitoring capabilities.” The system includes comprehensive clinical scenarios, including shoulder dystocia and postpartum hemorrhage. With articulating endoskeletons and silky smooth elastomeric skin, Victoria is a fully tetherless and wireless maternal/fetal simulator for use in point-of-care training.

Chris Ochinero, learning program consultant, Simulation, commenting on the addition of Victoria to the Orlando Health Institute for Learning, said: “The addition of Victoria’s innovative technology to our simulation program will further assist our medical, nursing, and allied health teams to better manage the most complex obstetrical situations in a safe learning environment. This type of multidisciplinary training exemplifies Orlando Health’s commitment to health education, safety, and the quality of medical care.”

The Victoria system supports the widest range of medical diagnostic equipment of any tetherless maternal and neonatal simulator. It uses a real fetal monitor, ECG monitor, defibrillator, pulse oximeter, and automatic blood pressure monitor device. Care providers can set up and operate real equipment, interpret critical information, and follow protocols just as they would in real clinical situations.